Another Italian Trip part 1:

My Story of Verona

I know it hasn’t been long since I told you my stories of “A trip to Tuscany and Beyond” but I’m back with another series on Italy as I just finished another trip to this beautiful country. This time I visited Verona, Venezia, Milano and some towns from the two big lakes: Garda and Como. 

As usual, I will be talking about these locations one at a time, despite spending only one day in each, so expect fairly short stories. 

The take off:

We booked the flight and all accommodations just a week prior, which made everything a bit pricier than usual. However, the return flight Bucharest – Bergamo (Milano) was only 64 euro, which isn’t bad at all. Waking up at 4 am is at the top of my hate list, along with coriander, but we all make sacrifices… After landing in Bergamo, we went window-shopping at the mall across the street from the airport as we had some time to kill before our bus to Verona.


The bus trip from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport to Verona Porta Nuova took about 1.5 hr. We arrived in Verona around mid-day. We chose an accommodation near the train station as we were planning to travel by train and bus to Venezia and Garda. The hotel near Porta Nuova was great and I do recommend it. It’s called Novo Hotel Rossi. Besides its great location, it was opened recently and it’s very modern and clean. 

Only a few hours to spare? Here’s what you can do in Verona:

Our half-day in Verona started with a walk to the Castelvecchio (Old Castle) which is a red-brick structure, with a big bridge and a great view. It also holds a museum, which we didn’t visit as we still had a lot of walking left to do, but if you have more time than we did, it might be worth considering it. 

View of Verona from Castelvecchio Bridge

After taking plenty of picks on the Castelvecchio Bridge, we made our way through the city centre, passing Piazza Bra and Verona Arena, which is extremely similar to Rome’s Colosseum. To a non-architecture-connoisseur and with pictures taken from the right angles, they’re pretty much interchangeable. However, it appeared that the Arena is in use for concerts, opera, etc.

Piazza Bra and Verona Arena

Our further wanderings led us to Piazza delle Erbe, one of the busiest ones, and of course, to Juliet’s House. After staying in a fast-moving queue to take pictures with Juliet’s statue and her very shiny right breast (you’re supposed to rub it for good luck), we wandered the streets a bit more. Juliet’s House is also open for visitors, but most people only go for the statue. However, if you’re a big fan, you can go up and take pictures on Juliet’s balcony and reenact the famous “Oh, Romeo” scene. 

Inside Juliet’s House courtyard

Completely exhausted by this time, we surrendered and went back to the hotel, where we ordered pizza delivery, using an app we use at home (Glovo). Surprised that the app works, we got two pizzas and asked for no cutlery, not knowing that our pizza would arrive uncut. Is that some sort of new Italian trend? Anyways, we had some fun eating and then got some well-deserved rest to be ready to tackle the following day in Venezia. So, stay tuned for my next story.


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