My Story of Prague, Czech Republic

I’m going down memory lane again, recalling a trip I took in the autumn of 2018. A lifetime ago. And yet, with the last few years feeling like a blur, maybe it wasn’t that long ago. We’ll see how well my memory serves me. 

I’ve only spent two days in Prague, hardly enough time to properly enjoy it, but still plenty to fall in love with this beautiful city. Having so little time, I chose to wander its streets instead of visiting museums, with a few exceptions, of course.

Getting acquainted

I remember the hotel was in one corner of The Old Town Square, an old building with a classical vibe and windows that looked over the park. The Astronomical Clock was being renovated and yet tourists were flocking to see it, despite it being covered. Being one of the most famous tourist attractions, there are many cafes and stores around it and people queue to get sweet chimney cakes filled with candy and cream and chocolate any other sweet you can think of. Yum!

The Old Town Square

We spent some time in the Old Town Square taking pictures and admiring the beautiful architecture, but steered clear from the giant chimney cakes, thinking it would have been a pity to waste half of it, as they were quite big, though I’m sure they were delicious.

We strolled down the streets and got to the famous Charles Bridge and up to Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, which we actually visited – a truly impressive piece of gothic architecture. 

St Vitus Cathedral

One of the roads leading up to the castle was also lined with a bunch of food stalls, so we had to try some wurst – delicious. Apparently I can steer clear of sweets, but never of salty foods 🙂

In the evening, we took a stroll down the river Vltava walkway and stopped for dinner at a hip restaurant where the food was simply wonderful. The restaurant is called Kavarna Velryba. I’ll leave you a picture of the food.

Dinner at Kavarna Velryba


The following day we visited Klementinum, a large historical building complex that holds one of the most beautiful libraries in the world: The Baroque Library. Yes, that is the main reason I chose to visit this complex. There are guided tours that take about 50 minutes, so you get a better understanding of what you see. 

View of the city from Klementinum

After this, we took a bus to Troja Castle, located across the street from the Zoo and the Botanical Garden. So, if you have a full day, and aren’t too tired of walking, you can check out three tourist attractions. 

We chose to only go to Troja Castle, as we only had a few hours, but I really enjoyed it. The castle is more like a big mansion, in terms of architecture, and it holds an exhibit of art pieces. What I fell in love with were the castle grounds. Vast garden and apple orchard. You can walk around, take pictures, rest on a park bench and relax. 

Troja Castle

Going back into the city, we decided on another stroll and found a nice chocolate cafe on one of the winding streets: Choco Café U Červené židle. We had hot chocolate. What was interesting was that you could ask for a certain type (milk, dark) and combine it with forest fruit or nuts. IT WAS NUTS. Probably one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever had.

The end

On that delicious note, I conclude my very short and vague story of Prague. If you were to visit every museum here, it would probably take at least a week, so organize your time wisely. And definitely try some hot chocolate.


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