My Story of Côte d’Azur part 3


Cannes, another Royal of the coast, some 30 minutes away by train from Nice, was our last day trip in France. 

Sunday morning, we headed to the Nice Ville train station one last time, bought return tickets to Cannes, and boarded a much emptier train than the one that took us to Monaco a day before. Which meant I had a window seat and full view of the Mediterranean, so naturally I plastered my face to the window and only moved when we reached our destination. 

Marche Forville

We got off in the central area of Cannes and proceeded in the general direction of the sea, but also in search of the Marché Forville (Forville Market), one of the largest and most popular markets in Cannes. When we got there, it was busting with people. The stalls had everything from fish to vegetables, fruits, and flowers and despite my general discomfort when visiting markets, I very much enjoyed it. Around the market, there are some cafes and restaurants, where you can have a bite and we thought we’d come back later for lunch. 

We continued our way to the sea but had to go around the finish line of a semi-marathon taking place at the time. It was interesting to see people crossing the finish line, being cheered on by their loved ones. It gives one a sort of thrill, even if you’re not participating. I and running are not on the same track (pun intended), but I’ve always admired people with the will to do such feats. Are they crazy for running so many km? Maybe. Are they happy and get a confidence boost and hype themselves up every time they pass the finish line? I’m 100% sure they do. Cheers to them!

Part of the beach in Cannes

We went to the end of the pier, where ferries leave for the Islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat. We decided not to go there and instead took a long walk all the way to the other side of the promenade aka the Boulevard de la Croisette. Before getting there, we passed the famous convention center, Palais des Festival, where the Cannes Film Festival takes place. 

The weather was really warm that day with no clouds and the wind wasn’t blowing at all in Cannes, so it was perfect for sunbathing. If only we’d been prepared. The beach in Cannes is split into smaller private patches, belonging to the hotels on the other side of the Croisette, each with a terrace, bar, or restaurant. Among the hotels, there are also high-end stores and luxury brands you can shop from. 

Rue d’Antibes

We stopped where the promenade seem to come to an end and spent some time on the rocks, relaxing and taking pictures and videos. 

We then explored the streets a bit more and went back to the market. Unfortunately, all the cafes around it were completely packed, so there was no way we could find a table corner to sit at. After looking around a bit more, we decided to go back to Nice. 

So, overall, what to do in Cannes?

1.         Visit the Islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat

If you’re not planning to visit any museums or spend too much time shopping in Cannes, you can definitely afford going to one of the Islands. Sainte-Marguerite holds a fort and Saint-Honorat a monastery. If you have more than one day in Cannes, you can probably visit both. 

2.         Check out Marché Forville

Whether you’re shopping or just visiting, the hustle and bustle, the colours, and the scents are worth it. 

3.         Sunbathe

Although most of the beach seems to be split between the hotels, there are public patches too, so you can enjoy some time in the sun. Besides, the sand is the fine kind, as opposed to the rocky beach in Nice. 

4.         Walk the Croisette promenade

Enjoy the seaside walkway, have a sit on one of the blue chairs, maybe bring a book to read and just relax.

5.         Check out the shops on Boulevard de la Croisette

Whether you’re actually shopping or just browsing around, it’s worth a look-up. Also, check the street parallel to this boulevard, Rue d’Antibes, and really all the streets in-between. It’s a sort of luxury shopping heaven. 

Cafés in Charles de Gaulle Square

A note:

For those of you travelling on a budget, Cannes seemed to be the most expensive of the “holy trinity” of Côte d’Azur. Now, I might be wrong, since I spent so little time there, so don’t take it for granted, but thought I’d share my impression. 

The end

This concludes my 3-part story of Côte d’Azur, a trip I’ve been meaning to take for a long time and that’s been “planned” in my head for at least 2 years now. I’m glad it finally happened and am very happy with the result. I would return anytime.

If you’ve missed the first two parts, you can read them here: Nice and Monaco.


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