My Story of Warsaw, Poland

After visiting Krakow, my next stop was Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland. We got there in the afternoon, so we had about a day and a half to spend here. Our accommodation was not very close to the city centre but we could easily reach it by public transport, which I really enjoyed in Poland. 10/10 recommend 😀

Warsaw Barbican

We started with Castle Square, enjoyed the views over the river, and took in the bustle of the crowd and street performers. We then made our way to Warsaw Barbican, a defense wall that marks the edge of the old town. To get there, we passed through the Old Town Square. As opposed to Castle Square, which is very open, the Old Town Square is enclosed by large, old buildings with beautiful architecture. And if that wasn’t enough of an enclosure, a ring of cafes and restaurants circles the square, which features in its very middle, the Warrior Mermaid – Warsaw’s symbol.

After eating traditional Polish sour rye soup at Zapiecek restaurant, we went back to Castle Square, had a look at Sigismund Column, then went further on a beautiful street lined with colourful buildings, cafes, and restaurants. 

Sour Rye Soup

The following day we visited Lazienki Park with all its landmarks, then took a bus to Copernicus Centre, spent some time at the giant Mermaid’s Statue and fountains, had a giant slice of cake at Vita Café, then walked the waterway back to Castle Square. 

Peacock on a statue in Lazienki Park

We finished the day having a beer with some friends at Pokoj na Lato, a nice and chill-vibed place.

So, to give you a short list, here’s what to do in Warsaw:

1.         Spend some time in the Old Town:

Visit the Barbican, Old Town Square, Castle Square, and of course, the Royal Castle

2.         Visit Lazienki Park

Take your time to walk around the park, check out all the landmarks and relax

3.         Check out the Palace of Culture and Science

This is the most known landmark of Warsaw which holds exhibits and different events. It also features a viewing terrace, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

4.         Visit the museums

If you have a few days to spare, you can have a museum marathon, as there are plenty of them around Warsaw. Besides the Palace of Culture and Science, you can visit the Copernicus Science Centre, The National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw Uprising Museum, and many others.

5.         Enjoy the Vistula River

Whether you go for a boat ride or walk along the river, visit the Mermaid’s Statue, relax at one of the cafes on the waterway, or even at one of the tiny beaches, the river is definitely one of Warsaw’s main attractions.

Mermaid’s Statue

Next stop: Wroclaw, Poland. 


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